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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 2, 2011 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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3 p poliie aae asking for your help to caach a nightclub killer. thh latest on where heecoull be hiddng tonight. 3 ---------------------------------- --- you are paying for your congressman's merccdes! which representative aae rolling in bmw's funded by ameeicans struggling to pay the billss ---------------------------------- 3 terrorists bomb. bomb. 3 3 and it goes off in his faae. why the bomb squad is celebrrting tonight. ------------------------------------ --- n inferno takes a life. life. -3 p "it as the saddest thing.. whaa witnesses found wwen they tried to rescue people inside. ------------------------------------- ---
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good evening,,i'm jeff abell. 3 in other news, counny police are huntinggfor a killer ttnight. a man shot bryant outside a rosedale club last nightt 5 people were aarrsted in the melee that followed. bbltimore county police are askinggfor your help in tracking down the killer. livee utssde the lub tonight, megann... megan....good evennng jeef,not even 24 hours ago... the stands right herea& heard gun shott oming ffom the parking - 33 when police arrived arruud wo a-m, they found 36-year old georre william bryant junior... laying ii the parking... he was shoo several times, in the head ann also & the neck. bryant was taken to johns hopkins bayview, where police say he died. at & thii point, police are -3 investigatinga but so far no aarests have been made in this ddadly shooting..- 3&p"oo: forran
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award uppto $2,000" 3 3 after he hooting, fivee the club foo disorderry conduct. one officer did have to use his taser gun, after he was punchhd. 3 ttnight, club baltimore is innrosedale, megan giililand, fox45 nees at tenn ten. now megan are there 3 could have recorded what appened? haapened? i just got off the phone with detectives in the cass... they say that's something they'rr looking into... buttwouldn't comment -3 exactly how. how. 3 3 thanks...
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3 3 in east balttmore, anotherrman is fighting for his life after he was shot in the head. 3 it happeeed here at aisquith aad east lafaaette avenues in east baltimore.the 20 year old pan was raced to the hospital wwere he's n serious but stable coonition. 3 the fight against violence brought many teenagees into the street today.... today....the urban youth initiative project held its pourth annual "stop the violence" block party in thh &ppark heights communityythh goal was tt create ffn and 3community. 3& "it's time o puu the focus on & theeneighborrood to show that people int he neighborhhod do come together for positivee things. and we highlight he childden because e want to save our children because oor childrennare ultimately our safe environment forrour children." ccildden."uuban youth project is focused on reducing the rate offyyuth violence... 3 3 fiist there as panic... but tonight, here is pain.... &p two women are trapped inside a hme in eegeeaterr this afternoon as fire spreads women aa since died...
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but tonight, weewant yyu to listen to the first hand &paccouut of neeghbbr jjdee car-voo-oh...who was he first to run toothe reecue. rescue. -3 3 (3:35:00) (wide shot) (3:28:24) "when we ullee 3 said somettings wrong...." (3:28:37) "so i looked and & saw theehhuseennxt door and a little smoke coming out of the - we went ii the back together, -&pme and the police officer and felt the window first and there as no way it was suppr hottwinddww and we opened the door and both almost ot knocced out on our butts... theesmooe jjss poured out i still have it all over me...." 3:23:54) (fire chief) "it took siity fireffihters from anne arundel county, annapolis city and tte u-s naval academy about thirty minutes to bring thh ttw allrm pincident under controo..." (3:31:00) "it was an older pady n there and a middle aged lldy around 53." (8:29:37) "thhy are motter and daughterr yes." &p(8:31:50) "it was the paddess thing. youucooudn'' believe it. you don't wanna seeethe way ii looked. it &pwas terrible...""
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3 pnother ffre rips throuuh a ttdayy...this is what's left of the homm --- on carbore way neaa o'donnell street. investigators still aren't sure what caused the fire.... it sent one 3 where he was treatedd or minor injuries. 3 marylann's aatorney gennral is now eviiwinn the findings of an audit that's raasing a lot oo ethical questions at the state highway administratiin. & administratiin. & 3 the audit outlines he cozy pelltionship between at leass &ptwoosenior sha officials....and contractorr contracts.when auditors - examined two 16-million dollar contraats, they discoverrd thoosands of dollars bbing -33 used foo other purppses... 3 (:32:27) "we don't say the staae didnnt receive services for this oney but there are xamples where the purppse whhch the fundsswere apppoved wereeused for differenn purposes..." purposes..." neil pedersen stepped ddwn as
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3 justthours beforr the audit was released. 3 despite her guilty pleaa prince geergg's county 3 johnson --- says she'll stay in office until hee sentencing october ---that means she'll collect nearly 28--houuand dollars of her taxpayer-fundee council salary.johnssnnand er -3 husband,,former county executive jack johnson, were arrested back in november --- - during a raid of their home. -3&pleslie johnssn was charged & with evidence tamperiiggafttr agents say she fluuhee a 00- thhusandddollar check down hh drain and ssuffed 80-thousandd dollars in her bra. 3 opponents of maryland's ddeam act have subbitted their final colllction of signatures --- putting the law on hhld. hhld.ttey've now olllcted & more thhn 75-thousand nee final uuofficial counn at 132-thousand.. they only need 55 thousand vvaidatedd & signaturessto officially bring - tte measure to vote. petitionerssare attempting to oveeturr a new law which - paa the
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disccuntee in-state 3 3 "theepeople of maryland havv spokee nd they're going to win on his petition drive andd they're goiig to win on this refeeennum in november 2012." 2002."theestate has alreadyy certified more thaa 47- thousand signatures. 3 you could be paying a littlee more for alcohol todaa.... today.... the newwsalesstaa on 3 in eefect...jumping rom 6 to 9 percent. lawmakers approved the tax hike baak in april. 3 raise about 85 mmllioondollars aayear. and the new law which allows marylanders to have wine shipped to their homee is aaso peter franchot was the irstt to the test jusstinntime for the holiday weekend. 3 p"his is really about freeeom pf choice or maayland consuuers and the pursuit of happiness for maryland's wineries." winnries."before now, consummrs ----were only allowed oopurchase wine through rrtailers. 3 what sttrted with
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weeds....has grown into an eevironmental hazard.... and tonight, janicc park shows 3&presidents are taking their anger over a city & ity hall... hall... 3 on benttlou anndwess lafayette... cleaning up... 3 early saturdaa orning: morning:thee care.... 3 about theerrneighborhood. of twoopeople... peoole..."yyu can't ignoreeit, p get up every morning to get - is grass aad wweds"eqqaaly 3 pisgussed..."juut onn lie after another, one erk 3 two city lots...basically in their backyards: backyards:"i call iiformation, with lot number, 323-029,dashh p, that's the lot number"3& 2305, lot number 051" 051""you can hide nything in there...stolen cars, mattress...even a bodd!" body!""to give you an idea of aaout 5'1 and they extend a foot above me so they're about 6 feet tall"ira booker has - been calling 11... 311..."first we were tood it'd
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be 20 ddys" sinceemay 21st... &p21st..."now it'' 7 days" days""f, they're failing" faiiiig"pam ranberg... pbout her llt...every week sinceeapril: orrered a tractor then w see a picture of the mayor ii a -3 truck about how she's going to fix stuff up...cut the grass! we pay taxes for tis stufff"care of these lots 30 days from the firstt311 all...but - bob murrow with the city's aboutthalf the time: problem,,how harr our crewss work in the heet....we're just - pot mowing lots" cutjanice park fox 5 news at pen..-&p3 soowhats the city saying
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about thh lean up....?here's the -3 promise today from the deparrmenn oo public workss 3 "the nearrfuture as far as & neerer?""nope, no faith, i'll it" & 3 pe'll eep ou uudaaed...on the progress. progress. 3&p we have some breaking neww frrm at least thhee stations that broke outton baltimores ago. we're ssill unsure whaa sparked this fire where &pthere'ssheavy damage to the 3 pavv more details as thhyy -&pdevelop. 3& ayor stephanie rawlings blakee is there for todaas openiig of &ppestival....the aaor cut the - pibbbn for todays oppning at m and t bank stadium.she led the proceesiinal and enjoyed tte performances with other festival-goers.
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33 knights of columbus in eldersburg raased a new flag holiddy.they raisee he nnw american flaagover a church at todays belongs o world wwa 2veeeran ed bbdelis --- and is tte same flag thht plew ovee the u-s-s rrzona will fly until thh - enddof the holiday weekeed. 3 and when it comes to news in your & neighbbrhooo... see it.. shoot pt.. send it. you can upload ppotos and videos to our websitee goott foxbaltimore dot ccm and click -3 on the "see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can also send phoooss directly fom your cell phone to "pics at & foxxbltimore dottcom." 3 it's an annual ourth of july tradition that dates back years ... in catonsville, they're already gearing up for monday's fourth of july parade. olks are -3 staking tteer claimmbyylining pu lawn chairs and placing blankets alonn the paradee poute. one woman weespoke wwth admitt mmay people, including pet the best seet, but it goos -3 to show the popularitt of the catonsville parade. & 3 "it's he prime parade ou got
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to get a seat it's just what - yyu ggt to do" do"the parade kicks off at 3 p-m on monddy..... 3-& ps theee any justification for her having a 17,522 dollar lease??-&pleasee america says no. but lawwakerr are spending your tax dollarsson luxury ridee. how they're getting away with it coming up next. &p3 they weren't suited police officers" officers" a seeies of pooe invasions. hhw you can &fight back against thh counterfeit cops. 3 --- bomb explodes--- -3 3 a bomb exxlodes in standinn nearby.his daring bbush with death --- and whoo the blast.
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3 3 congrees is figgting over lawmakers are living like hiih- rollers on your ttx dollars. the naatonal debt is spiralinn out of control and theepeople reeponsible are -3 rolling around in bmm's funded by your hard work. that's right, it turns out ttxpaaers are footinn he bill for some 3 lawmakers.lisa sylvesserrhas 3 watch investiggtion. investigation. 3 --rrporrer pkg-as follows --- llxus, cadillac, a ttoyta highlander -- who wouldn't want a nice vehicle to drive. dozens of lawmakers have leased veeicles paid ffr byy you he taxpayer, according to offfcial housee's all perfectll legal, house rrles allow a meeber off
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congress to leass a vehicle for officiil business. but phere's sn't any real limit on how much they can spend on a spend they do. "taxxayers for coomon sensee has nvestigated the issue:we bmw another nn had a cadillac deville..we had ooe lawmaker who actually had a van that hhddbeee convvrted to ruu on -3 vegetable oii,,so it really rrnn the gamut as far as what people wereeleesing. nattsep. eddie berniie johnnon paid 177522.63 at the verr end off -3 last yeerrto lease a lexus vvhicle for her congressionall lease for ww years - that's not even tt buy the car.we called her office lookkng for pnswers.natsis there anyy justificatioo for her having 17,522 dollar lease?her staff gave ussaastatement saying -3 quote: "the lease of the vehiile in question as on the list of low green house gas veeicces issuee bb the epa and approved by he u.s. hhuse of representatives. leasing a car pade ense becaase it is more
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cost-effeccive than -3 reimbursing xpenses forr private cars."natsjjoc frieddy with thh legistorm says there's no way leasingga higg end vehicle like a leeus is pheaper than reimbursing for personal mileage.ittreally taaes 75-thousand or maybe a 100-thoosand miles tt actually make a diffeeence, a year. and there's no way you can drive cross counnry all day long.but it's not just emocratt, rrpublicaas are allo on the & list of thoss riddng on thh taxpayer's ime: rre. tom pricc has repeatedly said spenddng is out offccntrol - even penning this op-ed urging -3&pto sttp the spending bingg. & yet priceespent 23,733.85 -- natssall you avv to do is -3 look at theepicture -- to &please a toyota higglander hybrid for two years at taxpayer expense, on the llst day of last year from his congressional spending account. annymoneeyleft innthe congressional allowance reverts back ttothe treasury. january.our ccn prrduuer wwet
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po rice's district offiie in office had "no comment."with the talk of cuttiig the debt, watchdog grrups say it's time to look aggin at lawwakers and their leases:i think it's somethinn that needs to be - looked intt aa ww look at all kinns of congressional perkss and as their constituents around the ountry areehaving to ttghten their belts, lawmakkrs are going to have too look at that as weell it turns out this perk is only ffr members of the house. according to watchdog groups, senators don't share thh luxurr. 3 policceare assing for your help in the fight against a string of home invasions.a - federal hill couple says 3 menn crowbar to break into their home. & happened around 3 -3 am....the intruders identified themselves as baltimore city police...and tten gagged hh resident and pointed what, he &psays, felt ike a gun toohis
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head.both he and is ife were tied uu while...rrbbbrs ransacked their home. thh - couple...who wanted tteir identity concealed...beliives complyyng wiih the robbers saved their lives: 3 "i said yes sir,, es officer, yes to this and that, they haa my mouth gagged and they had nnkes on and they weren't suited pooiieeofficers" officers" 3 baltimore city policeearee looking into whethhr a monday home invasson is connected to this one.they are still searccinn for the suspects in bbth cases. 3 bbltimooe police are still -3 innestigating a hoooiig yesterday ttat left one an deaa. itthappened hereeoo ptonnwood and kelway roads. offiiers found a man shot in phe head.he was aken to ohns hopkins where he later died. detectives believe tte shooting was the resull of a fight the man had ith 2 othees.police are searching 3 violence erupted in south baltimooe esterday --- as police responded to 3 shootingg ii just under 2 hours. hhurs.the first --- 199year old man was found murdered
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here on south carey street near james street. it happened --3 jjst bbfore 00a-m yesttrddy 3 3 an hour aaer -- pooice were callld to winwood court and spelman road ---- where the lee. he was taakn to a local hospital.he is expected - to survive. 3 the third --- appened just after 11 a-m.pplice discoverrd a man shot here on stend and stable conditton tonight. no word yet --- if the shootings are connected. 3 ww can helppyou track criminal activity in your neighhorhood. &pgo tt fox baltimore doo com and sign up for ""pot crime." we'll send yyu e-mail allrts every time a majoo crime happens n your areaa 3 police make an arreet in the murder of a dellvery mann n north east balttmore .... and - they say the suspect as a -criminal ppat..- was taken into custody yesterday . police sayyhe shot pnd killed 55-year-ood chong yim during a rrbbery tuesday on erdman aveeue. police say he was released from prison just last year after ssrving a - 20 year sennence for arree
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robbery ann assaultt 3& dozens gatherrd in baltimorr pounty tonight to remember a mothee and a child murdered ii theer home. home..amily and frienns o old daughher heed a vigil for - the two murrer victims near the scenn of thh crime. alicia's mothee says its & pspecially tragic because her - dauggter was also ppegnant pith twiis. -"it's really hard righh now because i can't can't say goodbye... bbt i'm holddnggon." - onn"and despite it all... 3 aaicia's mooher says she s praying forrthe man now behiid bars accused in tte killiig. 3 & 3 tte most-wwtchhe triaa -3 in the country i oming to an pnd. casey anthonn will soon learn her fate as closing arguments are set to begin on sunday. jessica stone has the story from orlando. - 3 3 closing
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argumentt in the cassy nthony case begin sunday... 3 phatthas captivated the nation. whht began as a missiig child search, has grown into a 24 hour soap sex, ies and video tape..." as the ddfensee 3 perry explained to casey her & rights to testify.perry ssys - (not on camera): undeestand ur &pdecision tt testify is solely your decision alonnanthony says: yes sirpprry says: its yourrdecision? yys siranthony says: yes sir in the &pprooecutions rebuttal... state witness john camperlengo said cindy aattony was at work - ánotá at home --when someone 3 search for the wordáchlorforrá p- unprecedented amounts of whichhwere found along wtt 3 cindy had testfied that 3 defense lawyer says (not oo & ccm) "do the business records also so ttat sure name &pcnanthom was entering into business recorrs?"camperlengo ssys: "yes thht's correct.""
10:23 pm
arguments, udgeeperry will &pgive theejury final & iistructions before deliberatioos begii. he is determined to keep the trial moviig and warns hat - the jury is growing tired of &pthe delays.perrr says: "remembee ya'll can take as puch time as you want,,but you & gottjurors back there, aad they hhve been sequesteeed..." -3 pon cam tag out) 3pegin as early as sunday &ppfternoon, and work hhoogh the fouutt of july. in orlando, jessica stone, fox 3 3 anthony coulddfaae he death 3 a major liquorrbbsttin north carolina. carrlinaa2-ttousand gallons of home-made moonshine waa eizzd -3 on thursday.33liiuor connoiiseurr were nabbed for sslling the booze at roadside - stands around the county. and &pappareetly ttey were good at their craft ---nearly one hundred and fifty thoussnd pollars was also eized at the residence!but now --- they're
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outo business and facing numerous charges. 3 the community of dundalk gathered for the annuaa dundalk hhritage festival today..- today.todaa was the sscond day of thee3 day long festtval. seeeral perfoomances --- and - of course ood. alllto ake a break and celebrate the foorth of july. 3& "it's reallyyggeat, i mean wwennyou always heaar everything crazy going on, itts nice to see that pverybody comes out just tt get along and have fun anddnot cause all the craziness that & youuhear about everyday.""- parade throughout town starting at 8 a-m. it could rain n ouu 3& eeeorologist emill gracey is tracking whennsome ssowers -3 could hit with your skywatthhforecast. forecast.
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3 you cca be in chaage of your own 3 i-radar is now available at 3p use thh inneractive tools to track coming storms doww to & your street. go toofoxbaltimore dot com & slash i-radar p3 3 many are getting a head start on their fourth of julyyfun. 3&pthii was he sceneejust before nooo friday at saady point ptate park. accorring too priple-a ... any families are stayyng closer to hooe this holiday weekend... thankk tt
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plan ahead... before heading to a state park. 3 23:04 this eekend is ooe of our busiest. soowe juss like -&pto remind our visitors to come early and cooe together 12 p2officials say some 3& parks will be open as early as &p66a-m... to accomodaae he expecttd crowds. need to filll p beforee 3&pfox 45 has you covered. and clikccon pump patrol to find the least expensive gas - closest to you. 3 p3 bbom with death in thailand.and it -3 was all caughtton camera ----- the device thatthelped save 3&p3 nats: "we the peeple, we heepeople." -3 people." the tea party is coming to a boil. the two key areas they aar leadingg thht could tip the election in
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3 tte tea party burst onto - tte polittcal scene a few years ago. in 2011 tthy're expected to be a majjr player in deccding who will getta -3 chance at the wwite house. grace whhte explains how their grassrrot organizations nd aaready shaping the election. 3 3 -3 3 ((take pkgg)((take ats))nats: "we the people, we the peopll."
10:30 pm
3 voices. we've seen the crowds. ((take nats))nats crowd cheers 3 taxes, bailouts or big govvrnment spending, the tea partyyis making some noise. guitar ((vo)) baaked by stars likeerocker ted nuuent. ((take sot))ttd nugent,rooker: "we ((ttke vo)) glenn beck and -3 sarah palin. the tea party is - wwil theirr ole be in 2012?? ((taak sot))u.s. rrp michelle bachmann, (r))miineeota: "and tea paaty is juss the farr right wing of the conservative parry but i'm here to tell you nothing is farther froo the - trrth.""((take vo)) congresswoman michelle bachmann is making clear in her ruu for ppesident she stands with the teaaparty. ((sot))george rodriguez, sa
10:31 pm
tea party president: "we aar going o have a great mpact and we're having annimpact 3roddiguez is presiddnt of the san annonno tee party. ((sot)) george roddiguez, sa tea pprty preeideet: "people are very 3 people are very upset with the price of gasooine. peopleeare very upset with the price of food and all oo these things have a direct coorelation to graceewhite, reporter::""t's -3 important tt know the tea party is not a pooitical party, it'ssa movement. hile it's unlikely they will run a experts say if they throw - their suupprt behinn one election." ((sot))dr. daaid crockett, political science the ea party is certainly one big story why republicanss n the hhuse won a reaaly large number of seats. thh largest piik up since 1938." ((vo)) poliiical science professor at trinity university. he says recorr. they scored wins in 3 florida and rand paul in & kentucky. but suffered losss with sshron angle in nevadaa ddlawarr. ((sot))dr. david crockett, political science
10:32 pm
question for 2012 is do the independents stay with the repuulicans or do they go back to he emocrats? iffthey stay witt reeublicans the republicans in. will they staa with the repubbicans if the ea party is this big movement? ((vo)) rodriguez -& says yes. while e says it's & too eaaly o know whh e's rodriguez, sa tea pprty president: "i think we are looking t a really changing moment in this election." ((take natss)nats: "we the people, we he people." ((voo) 3 the voicessfrom ttis croow re 3 the teaa arry has somee momentum when ii comes to tte presidentiil race in 2012.. reeent polls show michelle bbahman ahead of gop ffoot-runner mitt romney in 3 3 boom! explodes whiie the bomb tech & desttuction. 3 what is going on here? --3 they say its the hottnew thingg
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in fitness.. we'll let you knnw if this is a deal or a 3 & 3 3 &p
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3 the minnesota statt government
10:39 pm
33 in 6 years. 3 the shutdown was the rreuut of 3&pand theedemocratic governoo on hhw to bridde a 5-billion dollar buddet gap.republicans claim governor ayton is just want the shutdownnto be -3 ovvr. 3 "my thoughtssis the democrats and repubbicans need to stop acting like crrps and bloods, gang members." members.""why on't you go and sit down at that table andd break yoor ppide and talk?" ttlk?"but for nnw --- statee parks willlremain closed or tte fourth of july holiday and thousands of state employees remain out offworkk 3 3 a bomb squaa officer in thailaan --- faces down an immrovvsed explosive device - ann lives to tell the tale. tale.------ombbexplodes----- explodes----- ,3 cameeas were rolliig whhn the officer was exploring the home-made device hen it weet 3 a protective suit that saaed -his llfe and spared him ffom
10:40 pm
pven getttng seriouslyyhurt. pfficcals believe thh bomb was the work of islamist insurgents. 3 addison "it just ffels so good &pdoon"doos "anti gravity yogaa help you find calm.. or doee it leave ou "hangiig"?we put 3 3& nathan's hot ddg eating fourth.but tte speeial áworll championá ceremony that omes doww. 3
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10:43 pm
we all know thattyoga has - exploded as a popular form of exerccse.there's tradiiional yoga, hot yoga...and noow one & pknd of yoga says it'll really get yourrworkout off thh ground.but will "antigravity yoga" ust leave youuhangiig??- hanginn?we puttit to the deall or dud test. pest. p3 antiiravity yoga promises to - be a fun and effeccive workout. but will it really take your fitness routine to a whole new level? level? 3 exercising isn't alwayss pxciting.but if you think it's a boree the chancessare, it's not going to be a top priority.
10:44 pm
thing aboot a fitness regime ps that if you ant it to be successfull, you have to have it be fun. because then you'll 3"pick--e-up" your worrout -3 routine needs. addisonn"it just feels so ood to flip upside down"anti-gravityyyoga claims it's yoga, gone airborne.christopher harrison "by having the antigravity hammock supporting you from underneath the arms and from the waistline, it's thhee to help yyu to ome into some of theemore challenging poses"it claims to haae the ssme poses, the saae chants, and the same 3&pexceet insteed of sitting on a & mat, you're suspended in a giant cloth cocoon, 3 feet abooe the floor. addison "i was kind of scared at first. -33 but thennshe told me that itt holds over 1 ttouuand pounds, and i trusted myseef in tte hammock and yyu haae to trust yourself to be able to do it" we put antigravity yoga to the deal or dud tess.nats "lift all the way oo the inside. &preechhyour arms nicc and wide & in a grrat big x nd wide as 3 feet toggther. nd grab onto your ankles. close yoor eyys.. take a giant breath in. ommm"
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levitating like that seems to be a good wookout, and a lot of fun all t once.kelli it. ttee love tt laugh and play and its a fantastic workout." workout."christopher harrison "and when you hang from the hammocc it allows your spiin to decompress"so will it work? pddison "it's jjss so uuh fun &pand you let your body go and you should just come try it out" out" & 3 for more information on -3 antigravity yoga, log on to fox baltiiore dot com slash news links. linns.patrice harris fox45 news at ten. 3 nathhn's hot dog eating cootest is a fourth of jull & praditton.but before the - contest --- there's the offfcial weigh-in.four time hot dog eattng áworldáá &pchamppon jjey chestnut and women's record holder sonya "black widow" thomas --- took -3 part n the cerreony innnew york.both contestants say --- --3 they'reeááungryá for more wins. women will haveetheir own division. 3 .a piicher's jersey is
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ripped off his back by his ownn manager... see the play that caused hii too ose it.... nnxt in sports unliimted...
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3 p we don't like to wait either, here's an early taste 3 stuff. 3 ffrra full listing of all -3 the fireworks displays this
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